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Are You Ready to Finally Lose Weight and Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin?

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Here's what I know...

You have tried multiple times to lose weight and failed

You think you have no willpower

You hate to exercise

You're tired of being the overweight friend/spouse/sibling

You don't like your picture taken

You don't want to shop in stores that are designed for full figured women

You have to get a table instead of a booth to be comfortable in restaurants

You don't even know why you eat or how things have gotten so out of control

Diets don't work

Sound About Right? Now....

Imagine a Life...

Where you are CONFIDENT and comfortable in your own skin.

Where you believe you are good enough, deserving, and worthy.

Where you have control over food.

You have greater peace and mental clarity.

You get to shop where you want and wear trendy clothes.

You have solid coping strategies and the ability to keep the weight off forever.

You will know how to take care of our body so you stay healthier longer

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Menopause is not for the faint of heart.

Look, lets face it as we get older, our body begins to change, the last time our body had this amount of change, we were in puberty! Now perimenopause gives us a new list of changes to deal with. But we are older and wiser! We should know how to take care of this body.

As we age, it becomes harder for us to lose weight. You can feel bloated and miserable; therefore your relationships and career may suffer. This weight effects EVERY aspect of your life.

If you've had difficulty losing weight or have lost weight in the past only to gain it back and more, this program is for you.

Are you blaming yourself?

Does this sound familiar?

I have no willpower

I'm not motivated enough

It must be a thyroid problem

I just can't lose weight

I just don't care anymore!!

Well let me be the first to say it is NOT your fault. There is a completely different reason you weren't able to lose the weight.

You just did not know HOW to diet. Once I teach you HOW to diet, you will lose weight consistently

Enjoy watching as the numbers on the scale DECREASE, as your self esteem and confidence INCREASE.

With the HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM, you will experience all the exciting benefits that come with a slimmer, sexier body...

You will have more energy

Better Health

More self confidence

More satisfying relationships

Fewer aches and pains

And the best part is that you will have the skills you need to make the weight loss PERMAMENT.

You know that you cannot reverse aging, but YOU CAN BE THE HEALTHIEST VERSION OF YOU!

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There is no preset diet to follow. You already know what healthy eating is! You will choose the food program that works for you. This plan is completely customizable to your lifestyle!

Look, I know your busy, we all are. Who has time to deal with strict diets and handle EVERYTHING else going on in your life?

This is NOT a diet. It is a HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS PLAN that will transform how you interact with food.

I understand how hard it is to lose weight and it is my goal is to work with you and give you the tools you need to finally lose it.

No Diet or Exercise Program?

Nope not here.

In this program you will learn:

  • How to avoid eating foods that are not good for you

  • How to resist tempting food, even if its calling your name

  • How to cope with hunger, cravings, stress eating

  • Hope to talk back to strong negative emotions without turning to food for comfort

  • How to motivate yourself to exercise and make good food choices

All this by changing the way you think!

Are you aware that before you make a food choice that you actually have a thought? You do!

I know you think "Oh not me I just eat mindlessly". Nope you don't!

When you see that cupcake or bag of chips, you are having a thought. "Geez, that looks good," or "Oh, I love those chips!".

It happens so quickly that you are not even aware it is happening. Similarly, if you were sitting and stood up, did you consciously think to yourself about all the things you have to do to make your body rise out of the chair? No, you just stood up. You did not even think about it, but you still had the thought.

This is why you can't lose the weight. Now you will lean how to program your mind and body to think like a thin person.

Stop beating yourself up for all the years you have tried and failed with diets. Sure, you might have lost some weight by sheer force, but did it last? If the answer is no, now you know why. You must understand the underlying reasons for the choices you make. Once they are clear to you, the weight will come off quickly and easily!

Hi I'm Patti Contello! I help perimenopausal and menopausal women who have tried and failed to lose weight, permanently lose weight, so that they can have happy, healthier lives.

I am a clinically trained psychotherapist providing weight loss coaching services for women over 40 who need assistance getting their health back. I have been on this journey myself and feel that my experiences, expertise and training have made me the best person to help women who are just like myself. I am truly on this journey with you!

I am NOT a 20 something, skinny vegan, who calls themselves an expert but has no life experience or clinical training. Some so-called "experts" have never experienced being overweight and don't know the struggles real women face. Some will even tell you how they can make you look and feel like your 25 again! (Sorry ladies, that is probably not going to happen and who wants to go back anyway!).

I am a woman experiencing menopause in her mid fifty's who has struggled with weight after having children. Never being able to get back to my pre-birth weight, I steadily gained a hundred pounds over 20 years.

After having a health scare, I needed to get it right. I was starting to have grandchildren come into my life and I wanted to see them grow up. This was my time. So I took what I knew being a trained psychotherapist and finally saw real results.

This is your time!

This is what I am sharing here with you. This program will transform your life and help you understand the real reason you have gained and maintained the extra weight. Real talk, no BS.

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What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

Simply put, in therapy, clients may have a mental health disorder, such as anxiety or depression that needs a intensive treatment with a licensed professional such as myself.

However, there are some people who don't have a mental health condition but still need assistance with situational behavioral problem that support and education can help them to move forward to the next level.

That's what this program is all about. Getting you to have a deep understanding of your current eating habits and the ability to make significant changes so you can enjoy a slimmer, happier, healthier life.

If you’re interested in becoming a healthier, happier,

more fulfilled you, get started, and please contact me today!